Regional Contest 11th March 2017

Test Piece - Rhapsody in Brass (Dean Goffin), Placed 8th from 17  - highest placed band in the first 5 to play. remarks1 remarks2

Regional Contest 13th March 2016

Test Piece - Mermaid of Zennor, Placed 6th from 16 off a number 1 draw. remarks


SWEBBA Contest 21st November 2015

Test Piece Chaucers Tunes (Michael Ball), Placed 5th from 8  remarks


Regional Contest 14th March 2015

Test Piece - Variations on Maccabeus, Placed 15th from 15, A disaapointing result ! remarks1, remarks2


GBBA March & Own Choice Contest 30th Nov 2014

March Ravenswood, Placed 4th from 6

Test Piece Triumphant Rhapsody (Gilbert Vinter), Placed 6th from 6


SWEBBA Contest 22nd November 2014

Test Piece Triumphant Rhapsody (Gilbert Vinter), Placed 5th from 10  remarks


Regional Contest 10th March 2014

Test Piece - Chaucers Tunes, Placed 8th from 16 remarks 1 remarks 2


GBBA March & Own Choice Contest 17th Nov 2013

Played - March The Contestor, Placed 4th from 10 remarks

Test Piece - The Aeronauts, Placed 6th from 10 remarks


Regional Contest 9th March 2013

Test Piece - Plantagents, Placed 10th from 16 remarks


WESSEX  Contest 1st December 2012

March - The Spaceman, Placed 7th from 16

Test Piece - Scheherazade, Placed 13th from 16



National Finals 2012

Test Piece - Three Ancient Customs, Placed 10th from 18 remarks 1 remarks 2


Weston Contest May 2012

Played The Aeronauts 1st from 5   Remarks

Official Recording by Chorum Records


Regionals 10th  March 2012

Played – Olympus (Philip Harper)  1st from 13     Remarks


GBBA Entertainment Contest Feb 2012

Programme:- Mlada, La-Danza, Concert Variations-Trombone Solo,

Wherever you Are New arr by Steve Rocky, and Adventures in Brass

1st from 3 in 3rd section, 1st from 7 overall  Remarks


GBBA March & Own Choice Contest Nov 2011

Played – March The Spaceman;  2nd from 4    Remarks

Test Piece Saint Sains Variations. 2nd from 4   Remarks


SWBBA Set Test piece Contest Nov 2011

Played Saint Sains Variations (Philip Sparke.)  3rd from 6. Remarks