The band was formed at the turn of the 20th century as 'The Princess Royal Colliery Band' under the leadership of a Mr Morgan from Lower Yorkley. Sometime before World War One the band was renamed 'The Bream Silver Band' under the baton of Will Robins, landlord of the then Miners' Arms, at the first rehearsal room, a small barn which stands to this day.

In the 1920's an ex army hut was purchased and erected on the present band room site on land leased from the Crown. Under the baton of Evan Jones this was a very successful period for the band and it still has the shield for winning the Cheltenham Music Festival three years in a row.

During World War Two the band entered a period of temporary hibernation as many of its members were called to the colours to serve in the 4th Battalion Glosters Home Guard. At the cessation of hostilities it was reformed by Amos Phillips and Mr Ambury before being handed over to Bill Sterry of Lydney.

In 1957 the Crown lease was purchased by Mr Vic Shingles for £18 and given to the band. With the help of members the present band room was built and opened in 1959 by Phillips Price MP and the youngest player Judith Rudge.

From the reformation at the end of World War Two the following have taken up the baton of Musical Director of the band: Evan Jones 1956 -63 (retired), Tony Mudway, Ken Harman, Ian Watts and Clive Lewis.

Nigel Howard was conductor when the band first won the regional 3rd section championship in 2001 and went on to attain 6th place at the National Finals. In the modern era the band enjoyed much success under the baton of Huw Cole from September 2003 to 2011. Honours achieved were three qualifications to the National Finals, 2006 (4th section - 5th place), 2007 (4th section - 18th place) and 2010 (3rd section - 14th place), Pontins 2003 (3rd section - 3rd place) and 2008 (3rd section -2nd place), Weston-super-Mare own choice competition (4th section winners 2006, 2007 and 2008).

This enviable record was emulated by Bryn James, who guided the band to a 3rd place at the SWBBA open contest November 2011 and unbeaten success in 2012 at the GBBA entertainments contest, the West of England 3rd section championships and the Weston-super-Mare own choice 3rd section contest, where our basses also won best bass section.

In September 2013, the band appointed Phil Turner as Musical Director. Phil led the band for 5 years, within which time the band achieved its highest position in its long history, firmly establishing the band’s place in the 2nd section of the West of England area.

In August 2018, the band appointed its current Musical Director, Hugh Bamford.